Andrius’ Reflective Essay

The time has flown by and the Design Thinking for Start-ups classes are finished. Moreover, in the last seven months, I went through the full circle of business existence: from finding the right people who share my values to form a company, to production and then sales. It has been quite a journey during which […]


Sales is everywhere around us, and not necessarily in the conventional most obvious way. Whenever you have you introduce yourself to someone, you’ll be selling yourself to that person. We sell ourselves all the time in both physical and digitals worlds. Meetings, conferences, parties, dates, social networks, blogs… All that can be a bit much. […]

Moments of Truth

In this blog post I’d like to talk about Customer Journey and the importance of digital in the journey. It has changed very much in the recent years, and mainly it’s because of technology. Example: back in the day (say 15-10 years ago) you’d be watching a film at home. Naturally, at some point a […]

more than meets the eye

About a month ago I attended an inaugural lecture on the convergence of brands, society, and ethics. The lecture was given by Professor Jaywant Singh at the Business School of Kingston University. Bearing in mind that I already have a degree in Graphic Design, I wasn’t feeling completely lost when he talked about brands. However, I […]


A little while ago I went to one of Campus London talks put together by AIESEC UK. The event promised six speakers to discuss the UK economy and what opportunities and difficulties there for new businesses. There was a particular focus on start-ups. At first, I thought this would be great and valuable for my […]

Real Life Experience

Around six weeks ago Masterly and the rest of design thinking class took place in the Kingston town centre market. This gave an opportunity to experience in real time how to communicate with outside-of-university potential customers. It was a great practice! Even though we have done one market before, we roughly knew what to expect. […]

Let’s talk money

I haven’t firmly decided yet whether after graduating I’d like to work in advertising or start my own company accounting is something I’d like to have a grasp of. If I decide to start a company I’ll need to file accounts every year even if I’m not doing that great and they’re pretty empty. On the plus side, filing a ‘poor’ account is the less demanding. I’d probably […]

7 Commandments for Start-ups

They say practice makes it perfect. And I suppose it is true, however, pure practice is a mere repetition. There’s a difference between the latter and repetition. We need feedback to iterate. In my previous blog post, I was talking about Dragon’s Den what a good practice it was. Today I’d like to share the feedback masterly: received, and what […]

Practice makes it perfect: Dragon’s Den

Recently masterly: had its first ‘outside the bubble’ crit. It was called Dragon’s Den, and we had three veterans from the world of business and one younger/less experienced/fresher(wo)man judge. I called the latter a fresh(wo)man because a couple of years back she was standing and presenting where we were standing and presenting. I liked that […]